Tristan Duggan

Game Designer

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Planet Unknown

Showcase of Work

Planet Unknown is a 2d pixel art adventure platformer where you use the environment and powerups to help you progress through the level.

Engine: Unity

Genre: 2d pixel art platformer  

Time to complete the project: 16 weeks 

We had a team of 7 people consisting of 2 designers, 2 programmers and 3 artists.

We had 16 weeks to complete this project 

Level 1, section 1

this section has 2 puzzles designed and built in engine by myself and Matt, the main path was designed by Chris.
After many iterations and teamwork between Chris and myself we managed to get this section looking and feeling as best we could

Section 1.PNG

Level 1, Section 2

This section was designed by Chris and built in engine by myself when it was first made, through many tests and a lot of feedback we managed to change this big problem section in to a more simple yet challenging version.

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